Non‐structural measures against sediment related disasters in France

Mutsuo KAWAI


Main pillars of non‐structural measures against sediment related disasters in France are;1) Information sharing of risks of sediment related disasters 2) Natural disasters prevention plan established by governors (prefets) for municipalities. The plan provides zonings identifying nature and extent of natural disaster risks that each zone faces. It stipulates legally binding land use regulations for each zone as well as protection and safeguard measures to be taken by municipalities or property owners as appropriate. The regulations and measures are expected to correspond to the risks identified in the zoning. 3) Natural disasters casualty insurance automatically attached to ordinary property insurances. It covers damages causes by major natural disasters recognized as such by relevant ministers. A fixed portion of its premium revenue is earmarked for government‐run fund. The fund gives financial assistance for the protection and safeguard measures under the natural disasters prevention plan. It also finances takings or purchases of properties representing grave risks of human lives due to natural disasters.

Key words

sediment related disasters, France, natural disasters prevention plan, natural disasters casualty insurance