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When you submit a manuscript you will be asked for several pieces of information. It will be helpful to collect these before you submit your manuscript.

  • Paper Type
    Original Article
    Technical Note
    Monitoring Note
    Disaster Report
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*Paper Type
(1) Original Article: Original articles provide novel outcome from theoretical or empirical researches related to erosion control, sediment movement, or sediment related disasters. Moreover, it includes important results from newly developed methods of observation, measurement,analysis or experiment.
(2) Technical Note: Technical notes provide information on a variety of topics related to techniques or researches on erosion control, including applications of observation methods or simulation model to practical phenomena.
(3) Monitoring Note: Monitoring notes provide outcome from a long term field observation related to sediment movement or a development process of observation devices.
(4) Disaster Report: Disaster reports provide information on sediment related disasters due to debris flow, landslide, volcanic eruption, etc.
(5) Review: Reviews provide detailed history, background or recent trend of a research topic related to erosion control.

Caution: Papers submitted to the Journal must be original research and unpublished and not considered for publication elsewhere. Do not post your article on a website as this constitutes prior publication.