Study on understanding and prediction of sediment yield caused by freezing and thawing

Kyoichiro KAWAGUCHI, Shinya HIRAMATSU, Syunpei TAKAHATA and Motoki ITO


Sediment yield by freezing and thawing is a small‐scale phenomenon that occurs only in cold regions. However, the sediment yield is supplied directly and constantly to the mountain stream. Furthermore, a large amount of sediment may cause significant damage to the downstream areas. Therefore, accurate prediction of sediment yield is crucial for consistent sediment management in mountain basins. In this study, we observed sediment yield caused by freezing and thawing. The results showed that the amount of sediment yield depends on the changes in atmospheric temperature and soil temperature, and the amount of soil moisture. Furthermore, we created a model to predict sediment yield by freezing and thawing in cold regions by using freezing and thawing heat. The analysis confirmed that the model could predict sediment yield on the ground surface by freezing and thawing by using the amount of heat transferred at the ground surface.

Key words

freezing, thawing, sediment yield, amount of heat transferred in the ground surface