Experiment of ash fall using drone for improving accuracy estimation volcanic ash fall

Toshiyuki SAKAI, Takuji TERATANI, Yoshiharu UCHIDA, Tomohiro YOSHIMURA and Tsuyoshi TANAKA


In this study, we conducted a volcanic ash fall experiment using a drone for the purpose of accurately estimating and predicting the distribution of volcanic ash depositing on the ground based on information obtained by observation of volcanic eruptions using radar. We dropped volcanic ash up to several millimeters from any altitude by self-made faller, and we measured the velocity and aspect ratio of falling volcanic ash by 2 DVD. It is possible to change the substance, the particle size, and the falling height in the fall experiment, so it has the advantage of being able to obtain the desired data quickly. We would like to carry out experiments on volcanic ash with large particle size and to obtain information that can make effective use of radar observations.

Key words

X-band Multi-Parameter Radar, Sakurajima, drone, experiment of ash fall