Evacuation behavior in sediment related disasters : in view of events experienced in the heavy rain in July 2018

Mutsuo KAWAI


Grave impacts of sediment related disasters make it imperative to undertake evacuation behavior before outbreaks of disasters. Due to technical inability to predict precisely an outbreak of disaster on a particular spot at a particular time as well as lack of phenomenal index demonstrating immediate danger of outbreak, evacuation from sediment related disasters has to be a pre-cautionary behavior in uncertain situation. In major sediment related disasters in recent years there were many inhabitants that failed to evacuate although they were in danger of being hit by outbreaks. This “evacuation failure” was also seen in the sediment related disasters caused by heavy rain in July 2018. Authorities provide informations that are expected to orient evacuation behaviors in case of danger of outbreaks. They are progressively improving in quality and accessibility. Nonetheless, it is often difficult for each individual alone to make appropriate decision in uncertain situations. That’s why in addition to further improvements of authorities’ informations, mutual help in evacuation at community level is highly important. Community leaders are encouraged to take initiatives in evacuation behavior with the help of administrative authorities and sediment related disaster experts.

Key words

sediment related disasters, evacuation failure, heavy rain in July 2018, mutual help