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As part of the workshop activities of the JSECE, the Acquisition and Provision of Information on Erosion Control Engineering Via Computer Networks workshop (headed by Takafumi Tanaka, Agricultural Department, and Nagoya University) was started in 1995. Based on the research theme of this workshop, the workshop discussed a) the effectiveness of the Internet for research, b) development of the environment that enables the provision of information, and c) disaster prevention information via a network. The workshop also engaged in preparing the JSECE website.
The workshop was dissolved to become the JSECE Academic Network Information Committee (later renamed as the Academic Information Network Committee), which took over the activities of the original workshop and still continues them.
The sabo mailing list was originally born as sbws-net prepared by Kiyoshi Honda, Graduate School & Faculty of Bioresources, in 1995 using the computer of the faculty as the host as one of the outcomes of the above workshop. Then, the server was switched to a private provider in November 1999, and the network made a renewed start as the sabo mailing list. In April 2005, we migrated the sabo mailing list to infoseek, a dedicated mailing list service.
The aim of the mailing list is to share and exchange via a computer network knowhow for using information related to erosion control engineering and encourage free contributions to the mailing list by users about sabo, forest hydrology, meteorology, weather, vegetation, remote sensing, GIS and other topics. Please send us new information, questions or opinions that may be related to erosion control engineering.

Qualification and Notes

  • Individuals interested in acquiring and providing information on erosion control engineering via a computer network are qualified to join the mailing list. JSECE membership is not a qualification.
  • JSECE members will not receive email from this mailing list unless they are registered.
  • Furthermore, registration for profit or publicity will not be accepted.
  • To protect ourselves from spam email, email messages not from mailing list members will be not being accepted.
  • No files may be attached to email messages to the mailing list.

Major Contributions

  • Events related to sabo (academic meetings, symposiums, research gatherings, or open seminars)
  • Publication information
  • Information on sabo-related disasters or damage (flash news)
  • Information on websites related to sabo
  • Information on job openings
  • Others

The sabo mailing list is mainly meant for sharing and exchanging information or notices as mentioned above. Based on past data, it is unlikely that questions posted to the mailing list about sabo or for discussion will receive responses.